Enliven: Biosimilars and Bioavailability

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Journal Sections
Study of pharmacology concerned with movement of drugs within the body.
The study of the chemical and physical properties of drugs and the biological effects they produce.
Division of pharmacokinetics to assess the biological equivalence of two proprietary preparations of a drug.
Absolute and Relative Bioavailability
Absolute bioavailability is determined by comparing the blood (plasma) concentration-time-curves with drug usage. Relative bioavailability is determined by comparing the plasma concentration-time-curves with different formulations of drug usage.
Bioanalytical Methods &Bioequivalence Studies
Combined platform to evaluate the analytical methods on bioequivalence.
Drug Clinical Studies
Safety and efficacy studies of the drug on human participants.
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology
Clinical pharmacology is the study of drugs and their clinical use. Experimental pharmacology is study through experimental use in controlled situations.
Biochemistry &Pharmacology
The interlinking of biochemical processes with drugs and study the combined effect.
Pharmaceutical Research
Research analysis on everyday pharmaceutical products and studies.
Pharmaceutical Science and Research
Research analysis on developments in pharmaceutical science.
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
Governments? approach to protect public health by controlling the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.
Drug BA/BE studies
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies of pharmaceutical drugs.
Bioequivalence and Simulation
Imitation of biological equivalence of two proprietary preparations of a drug.
Biosimilars Requirement
To deal with need of bioequivalence in the field of Pharma.
Bioavailability and/or bioequivalence studies that can be waived are called biowaivers.
Bioavailability Enhancement
Enriching the studies and methods in bioavailability.
Drug Delivery Systems
Drug delivery refers to approaches for transporting a pharmaceutical compound in the body.
Drug Delivery Pathway
The means and ways for drug transport in the body.
Role of biosimilars in cancer
Biosimilars-Regulatory Affairs
Governments? approach toprotect public health by controlling the safety and efficacy of biosimilars.
Biosimilars and Pharmacology
Action mechanism of biosimilars.
Drug Development Systems
Development of drug upon drug delivery tests and preparation of systems to handle the process.
The proportion of a drug in body circulation to have an active effect.
Biosimilars Models
A biopharmaceutical drug designed to have active properties similar to already licensed drug.
General Bioequivalence
Study of all general aspects of bioequivalence.
Bioavailability Metrics
Methods to measure and produce statistical data in terms of advancement of bioavailability.
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Enliven: Biosimilars and Bioavailability

Enliven: Biosimilars and Bioavailablity is an Open access, peer reviewed international journal and it aims to publish different types of articles on emerging developments and supports current and upcoming research in the field of biostatistics.

This journal also allows articles on biosimilars, bioavailability and drug delivery systems.This journal will support the budding scientists, scholars, academicians, researchers, and students by providing Open access platform for publishing their work.

This journal will follow the peer review policies and will bode Open access in having quality research output. This journal combines the innovative scientific ideas and ways in biosimilars, bioavailability, drug delivery systems and all other related disciplines to have an innovative output.

Enliven: Biosimilars and Bioavailablity invites articles from authors and we assure authors that articles received will be processed with the best policies and will disseminate the articles to the right field.

Enliven: Biosimilars and Bioavailablity aims to publish recent studies, innovations, discoveries, and developments in bioavailability, biosimilars, chemical speciation &bioavailability, inventions in pharmaceutical sciences, advances in bioavailability and all other related areas.

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