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Importance of Enliven in Open access:

Enliven not only supports Open access to high quality publications and serves the scientific community by disseminating knowledge, but also encourages any innovative thought that can be implemented in Open access without crossing limits of Open access.

Authors need to choose Enliven, if they wish to share your work with the right people with high quality output.

  1. Rapid review process with couple of reviewer’s decision on each submission.
  2. Online publishing with exclusive electronic records.
  3. Provides clear citation for circulating the article.
  4. Enliven thrives for gaining attention from high quality professionals hence the authors’ work will be disseminated to high profile members.
  5. Vast distribution to readers globally.
  6. All articles published with Enliven will be maintained in archives.
  7. Minimal publication charges and convenient and safe modes of author pay transfers.

Enliven provides a wider chance to disseminate the knowledge in all the possible means and will provide an entire new model for passing the article in to the community rapidly. Enliven does this with the help of following.

Articles published with Enliven will be available electronically in all following modes:

New initiative of Enliven Archive:

Apart from providing above versions, we also deposit video version in about 15 freely accessed social network sites that promote videos which in turn will aid in rapid circulation of articles published with us.

Enliven also provides print versions upon the order of authors or any other users with unique citation and by having no change in the published article with minimal publication charges.

Trust with Enliven:
Enliven is covered under creative commons attribution license which states that the author retains the copyright of the articles published with us.
Enliven promotes the article dissemination in all ways with most secure modes and will always give priority in maintaining confidentiality of the author’s work.
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