about us

Our Vision

Enliven’s vision is to thrive hard and become one of the most popular Open access publishers by contributing excellent knowledge to human endeavor through publishing multi-disciplinary research contents and giving the best quality output to the whole scientific community.

Enliven Archive is committed to publish quality research and disseminate the research worldwide. We are strict for plagiarism, unethical, and fraudulent submissions, support quality, and innovative research thoughts. We ensure the authors confidentiality and copyright for their published work. We respect authors’ work and invite all innovations. We have multidisciplinary open access journals in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical and Clinical areas to promote and aid in enhancement of research.

Enliven Archive wishes to play a key role for research and scientific communities by contributing and delivering the information, discoveries, and innovations. We wish to allow all the scientific communities, academic, clinical, and medical experts to access and use the research information without any restrictions and free of cost.

We are transparent and responsive to the scientific society and maintaining the excellence, diversity, integrity, and equality.

Our Mission

Enliven’s mission is to build a larger archive in the field of Open access by providing uninterrupted access to the scientific community and fulfill the saying “Intensifying thoughts” by providing an endless platform to improve the thoughts of scientists, researchers, scholars from different universities, institutions globally.

Enliven Archive’s mission is to publish and disseminate innovative research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Clinical, and Medical fields and make it available to scientists, researchers, and all other aspirants. We publish journals with highest quality and visibility. We wish to promote the research in science for human benefit. We wish to exchange and share the scientific knowledge and ideas for sustainable future and benefits. We work with insight, reflection and excellence. We are publishing articles with highest standards with the support of editorial board. We are completely dedicated to disseminate the advanced scientific innovations for the society.