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Publication Ethics:

Enliven follows certain publication standards for article publishing. This ensures that we deliver quality research with high standards, develops and retains the trust of authors.

All articles published with Enliven will contain original content which states that content was either published or being under process elsewhere.

Articles found to be plagiarized will be rejected immediately from the process.

We suggest authors the causes finding the article to be plagiarized and hence there exists no conflicts.

Self plagiarism can exist where the percentage of plagiarism should be very minimum and authors need to cite the previous work clearly.

Authors can resubmit the article with carrying out all the corrections and such manuscript will be considered as new submission and will undergo the whole process again regardless the stage of the process the article existing before

Redundant submissions:

Manuscripts that were already published and or manuscripts under process elsewhere will be considered as redundant submissions and will be rejected from the process immediately. Authors need to look over the publication transfer issues in certain cases else manuscript will be rejected.
Citations usage:

Manuscripts should avoid the usage of citations that are not required which actually improves the quality of articles.

False data:

Manuscripts should contain original data of experiments, statistics or any entries which should not be from other manuscript.

Author contribution:
Manuscripts should contain the list of authors those who have contributed to the manuscript. Author contribution should contain all authors those who have contributed to the manuscript which includes lab assistants, technicians and others.
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