Editorial Policies

Editorial Policies

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Scope and Focus:
Enliven Archive is an open access scientific publisher started with the aim of dissemination of science and research worldwide and available freely for readers without any cost. Our multidisciplinary open access journals will fulfill the aim. We follow the ethical policies and standards for publishing the research worldwide. We maintain the rapid publication process and accepted articles will publish online within 7-10 days. We follow the quality review process and process the articles as per the open access standard peer review rules and regulations. We protect the author copyrights for the article with Creative Commons Attribution License.
We are available to aspirant readers by disseminating updated research with open access and cost free access. We publish original research, news, reviews, case reports, conference proceedings in all areas of Science and Technology. We are strong aspirants to spread the science knowledge to every human for better world.
Enliven is an exclusively open access model which supports all Open access statements without any controversies and will maintain all the required standards to support Open access with complete dedication.
Enliven Archive supports all the statements of COPE (http://publicationethics.org/), OASPA (http://oaspa.org/), and BOAI (http://www.budapestopenaccessinitiative.org/list_
) and many more open access policies to ensure that we have transparent flow of managing our journals.
Enliven Archive thrives to distribute and analyze the subject in specific mode and hence we publish the versions with special editions viz., special issues along with regular issues for all the journals. We connect the authors with experts in specific stream in the fields of journals. In this way, our means of dissemination gets more affective and our aim to serve the scientific streams is enriched.
Enliven Archive provides challenging and emerging platform for the researchers, scholars, academicians, scientists, students, professionals, decision makers, and many more with multi disciplinary journals.
Please go through the Enliven Archive journals at http://enlivenarchive.org/Browse.html

Publishing Policies:
Peer Review Process:
Enliven Archive strictly follows rules and regulations in reviewing the manuscripts. We follow single blind review process and include the valuable comments from external peer reviewers who are not a part of the editorial staff. Independent and subject related experts will review the manuscripts of Enliven Archive.
The review process may approximately take 25 to 45 days and the reviewer decision includes revisions, and rejections. The article once rejected will not be considered for re-review unless author resubmits the work as a new assignment again.
The author details will be available for reviewers to find any conflicts of interest where reviewer details will be not available for authors. Author suggestions for reviewers will be considered and hence authors may provide list of suggested and rejected reviewers while submitting the manuscript.
Editorial Board Members’ Decision:
Enliven Archive editorial team consists of experts, professionals, and high cadre individuals to guide the journals and pave a successful path for proceeding issues. Editorial board member decision is must for each manuscript that is published. The manuscript will be assigned to editorial board members and the review process will be initiated upon knowing the editors’ decision.
Editorial board members are key decision makers for new amendments, updates, and process changes in journals.
Researchers, scholars, academicians, scientists, students, professionals, decision makers, and many more can be an author to Enliven Archive manuscripts. Authors should participate in the work that is being submitted to journal.
Among the group of authors, mentioning corresponding author details is good practice. Corresponding author is responsible to communicate regarding the submission for review process and further queries to editorial office.
Provision of copyright issues, conflict of interests, funding, acknowledgement, and perfect references helps the editorial staff to process the submission faster.
All the comments for revision should be addressed and all the queries from reviewers, editors should be answered for final acceptance from editorial office. Authors should be alert to deliver final disposition and galley corrections for the submissions.

Open Access Policy:
Enliven Archive consists of open access peer reviewed journals and all the content we publish is freely accessible all over the globe without any barriers.
The journals provide immediate open access to the content that journal publish after acceptance. This policy helps to promote the global knowledge transfer.

Manuscript Flow:
Enliven Archive publishes the manuscripts that flows in and invited manuscripts for the journal. Usually editorial members promote the journals to their Universities by inviting submissions that will be strictly evaluated under peer review process.
Enliven Archive journals also accept, evaluate, review, and publish thesis from students for minimal costs to encourage, and guide the young minds. In this way, young researchers can get a well established platform to show case their work.
Enliven Archive campaigns the published work to the specific and subject related scientific groups to increase the dissemination chance.

Manuscript Process:
Once the journal received the manuscript, Enliven Archive editorial staff will analyze the quality and relevancy of the work with the journal and will check for the plagiarism. Upon the quality check, manuscript will be an assignment to a relevant high cadre editor to author in the same field of manuscript.
Editorial board member will start the initial peer review process. Further assignment of reviewers will be according to the decision of editor. Editor decides the status of manuscript basing on couple of reviewers’ comments.
Authors’ are responsible to revise the version as per the editors’ decision and the revised submissions will be re-evaluated according to the authors’ replies for the raised comments. This process will be redundant until editor accepts the manuscript to publish online.
Considering the authors’ final disposition, the article proceeds for online versions and journal publishes the manuscript online.

Publication Ethics:
Enliven Archive follows certain publication standards publishing manuscripts. This ensures that we deliver quality research with high standards, develops and retains the trust of authors.
Enliven Archive checks for plagiarism before peer review process. Upon generation of clear reports, we launch the manuscript process.

Enliven Archive rejects manuscripts with high plagiarism scores and does not allow the manuscripts to proceed further for peer review process.
To avoid conflicts, we suggest the authors to submit the plagiarism free content.

Authors may include self-plagiarized content, providing the citations of their previous work.

Authors can resubmit the rejected manuscripts on plagiarism base by carrying out all the corrections and such manuscripts will be considered as new submissions and will undergo the whole process again regardless the stage of the process the article existing before.
Redundant Submissions:
Already published manuscripts and/or manuscripts under process elsewhere are redundant submissions and we reject such submissions from the process immediately. Authors need to look over the publication transfer issues in certain cases else, we reject the manuscript.
Citations Usage:
Manuscripts should avoid the usage of un-wanted citations that improves the quality of articles.
False Data:
Manuscripts should contain original data of experiments, statistics or any entries and authors should not either mimic or plagiarize other manuscripts.
Author Contribution:
Manuscripts should contain the list of authors those who have contributed to the manuscript. Author contribution should contain all authors those who have contributed to the manuscript that may include lab assistants, technicians, and others.

Copyright Statements:
Author gets Open Access Creative Commons License after publishing the work with Enliven Archive as we are covered under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. We transfer complete ownership for published content to the author based on this license. This License will permit the reader only to download printout, extract, reuse and distribute the article with appropriate credits to the corresponding author.

Overlapping Publications:
Enliven Archive follows the guidelines of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for overlapping publications such as duplicate submission, duplicate publication, acceptable secondary publication, competing manuscripts based on the same study, differences in analysis or interpretation, differences in reported methods or results, competing manuscripts based on the same database.

Confidentiality & Ambiguity:
Our review process is strictly confidential and single blind process. The reviewers will remain anonymous and will not disclose their identity to authors during the review process.