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Peer review policies

Enliven journals are Open access and peer reviewed. All the articles submitted to Enliven journals will be passed for peer review.

Enliven follows peer review policies:

Article acceptance will be completely under the guidance of editorial board members and received review comments.

Editorial board members will assign the reviewers and all reviews will be done under the guidance of editorial board members.

Each and every article which will be published online in Enliven will undergo two review comments and article processing will be proceeded only based on the comments received from the reviewers.

Reviewers of Enliven will have no conflict of interest with the authors. Enliven rely on blind review process.

Enliven does accept the suggested reviewers and also does not allow hindrance to peer review policy.

All the reviewers assigned will be from the same field and also of high cadre to the author to have a smooth review process.

All the reviewers will be provided with an electronic review form to evaluate the article effectively.

Review comments will be passed to authors without letting them know the reviewer details.

Manuscripts will be considered for further procedure after revision only if the author resubmits the article by fulfilling the review comments.

We pass the article for multiple revisions until we get the quality output with the reviewer comments.

We also rely on repeated review process upon the guidance of editorial board members.


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