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Enliven gladly announces a unique membership opportunity for budding scientists and researchers and is proud to provide an unlimited chance for submitting many articles with very minimum charges.

Member benefits:

a) Provides a complete waiver on publication charges for the years subscribed.
b) Subscription can be availed to all the journals of Enliven.
c) We provide special benefits and offers to the members of Enliven.

We provide the membership opportunity in three different categories
1) individual
2) institutional

The membership charges for the categories are as follows

Membership charges

1) Individual
Only the articles where the member is corresponding author or co-author will be considered.

Number of Years Membership charge
One year $ 1619
Two years $ 2619
Three years- $ 4619

2) Institutional
Only the articles from the university/institute as a member will be considered. Articles submitted as such should also submit a mail stating that article belongs to the university or institute is mandatory.

Number of Years Membership charge
One year $4169
Two years $ 8169
Three years $ 12169

Please contact editorial office for individual/institutional membership. You can reach us at: membership@enlivenarchive.org

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