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Letter to Editor

Can Multiple Babies Be Breastfed Successfully?

Cinar Nursan, Kose Dilek

Original Article

Predicting DI Acceptance: The Role of Service Learning

Roofe NL

Research Article

Morphometric Variations of Banana Starches Issued from Various Genomic Groups and In vitro Starch Digestibility

Gibert O, Alemán S, Guzmán R, Raymúndez M.B, Laurentin A, Manzanilla E, Ricci J, Pérez E

Research Article

Pregnancy Outcome and Breastfeeding Pattern among Vegans, Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians

Pawlak Roman, Ding Qin, Sovyanhadi Marta

Research Article

Nutritional Needs and Attitudes Towards Having a Training Table: Insight from Players from a Division 1 Football Team

Katie Brown, PhD, RDN, Katelyn Imthurn, RDN, Samantha Ramsay, PhD, RDN