Starch from Banana clone Range of size Shape
AA genome
Dessert banana (Titiaro)
Aug-36 Small round, and ellipsoidal, and large shell, and ellipsoidal shaped.
AAA genome
Dessert banana (Grande Naine)
28-Jun Small tubular-like and largest ellipsoidal-truncated and shell-like.
AAAA genome
Dessert banana (FHIA 17)
14-Feb Small round and oval-truncated, and largest oval truncated shaped
BB genome
Dessert banana (Balbisiana)
16-Apr Small round and medium shell-shaped.
BBB genome
Dessert banana (Let chan kut)
Oct-48 Small round, medium like-shell, and largest triangular-shaped.
AAB genome
Cooking banana (Hartón) 
Oct-80 Small round, and tubular-like, and largest shell-like.
ABB genome
Dessert banana (Topocho) 
Dec-56 Small round and tubular and largest ellipsoidal-truncated and shell shaped.
AAAB genome 
Dessert banana (FHIA 1)
Apr-46 Small shell-shaped and largest tubular

Table 1. Morphometry of isolated starches from banana genotypes measured by polarized light microscopy