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EDCs Recovery of E2 onto different SPE materials (%)
E2 100 20 9 15
E3 39 24 13 27
DES 31 23 15 29

Table 3. Selective pre-concentration in aqueous solution, pH 7.2±0.3. The pre-concentration results obtained using analogues of E2 with initial concentration of 10 ng/Lare shown in first two columns. The selectivity values obtained using the same conditions by competitive assay are reported in third column. In both methods all the values are calculated as a percentage of the value obtained for E2 using MIP (100%).

EDCs, Endocrine disrupting chemicals; E2, 17ß-estradiol; E3, Estriol; DES, Diethylstilbestrol; MIP, molecularly imprinted polymer, NIP, non-imprinted polymer, XAD, Polystyrene divinylbenzene resin; PAC, Powdered activated carbon