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Manufacturer Model Method
Phillips® CCO/CO module Thermodilution
Edwards Lifesciences® Vigilance II® Swan-Ganz based oximetry or thermodilution
Edwards Lifesciences® Vigileo® Arterial waveform analysis- Pulse contour analysis
LiDCO Ltd® LiDCO® Peripheral Artery catheter-(Lithium indicator dilution)
Deltex Medical ® dxcvzx Esophageal doppler probe (flow-time velocity calculation)
Pulsion Medical Systems® PiCCo® Modified thermodilution (trans pulmonary)
Cheetah Medical ® NiCOM® Bioimpedance technology (transthoracic)
Edwards Lifesciences® Nexfin® Bioimpedance peripheral wave form analysis (transcutaneous)
Imacor Inc® hTEE® Miniaturized Ultrasound (transesophageal)

Table 1: List of commercially available devices for continuous cardiac output monitoring and method of sampling technology.