Enliven Archive - Intensifying Thoughts
1) What is Enliven Archive?

Enliven Archive is an upcoming international publisher for Open access and peer reviewed journals with a wide range of journals in multi disciplines of research which provides broad scope.

As Enliven will be the world’s leading provider of Open access, we will serve free access journals to all scientists, researchers, scholars, students and academicians.

Enliven is an exclusively Open access model which supports all Open access statements without any controversies and will maintain all the required standards to support Open access with complete dedication.

Enliven always encourages any innovative idea in Open access and is about to start a new era in Open access with one of its innovative thought by inculcating the wide dissemination in a new manner .

2) Why Enliven is different from others?

Enliven is different from others as publishing with us
a. Rapid review process with couple of reviewer’s decision on each submission b. Online publishing with exclusive electronic records
c. Provides clear citation for circulating the article
d. Enliven thrives for gaining attention from high quality professionals hence the authors’ work will be disseminated to high profile members.
e. Vast distribution to readers globally.
f. All articles published with Enliven will be maintained in archives
g. Minimal publication charges and convenient and safe modes of author pay transfers

Articles published with Enliven will be available electronically in all following modes:

Apart from providing above versions, we also deposit video version in about 15 freely accessed social network sites that promote videos which in turn will aid in rapid circulation of articles published with us

3) How to submit article to Enliven Archive?

Enliven is inviting authors in multiple disciplines to submit article.
Authors may submit the article by mailing us as an attachment to:contact@enlivenarchive.org or through online submission by registering at: Submit manuscript .

4) What are the specifications of descriptive video?

As Enliven provides a descriptive video for each and every article, authors may send us the descriptive version of their article upon the acceptance. Authors may send us the brief description of article that should be built as a video.

5) Why does Enliven charge for publishing from authors?

Enliven is an Open access model and it receives no funds, hence enliven charges with minimal publication charges from authors for publishing

6) Does Enliven provide discounts on publication charges?

Enliven provides discounts on publishing charges based upon the funding criteria of authors.

7) What would be the benefits of getting registered with Enliven?

Registered members will be included in Enliven database and will be provided with timely updates and alerts from us

8) Would Enliven provide reprints option for authors?

As Enliven is an Open access publishing model, all articles published with us are freely available. According to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, author can download articles from the site or can order reprints to us if they require printing on acid free high bound papers.

9) How to eradicate mails from being in Spam?
In a few cases, Enliven mail may be struck by spam filters where it can be eradicated by reporting Enliven mail is “not spam” or “Not junk”.
Configuration can be done as such:
  • Microsoft Outlook:Menu -> Tools ->Options ->Preferences ->Junk E-mail -> Safe senders tab ->Add ->Add address -> enter Enliven Mail id ->Ok
  • Apple Mail: Menu ->Preferences ->Rules ->Add rule -> Name the rule -> Create a rule “If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ’Contains’” -> Enter Enliven mail id
  • Thunderbird: Address book -> Personal address book -> New contact -> Enter Enliven mail id -> ok -> Account settings -> Junk Settings -> “Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account” and “Personal Address book” -> Ok
  • Gmail: Settings -> Filters -> Create new filter -> From -> Enter Enilven mail id -> Next step -> Never send it to spam -> Create filter
  • Yahoo: Mail options -> Filters -> Add -> Filter name -> Sender -> Contains -> Enter Enliven mail id -> Choose folder -> Inbox -> Save
  • Hotmail: Options -> More options -> Safe and blocked senders -> Safe senders -> Sender or domain to mark as safe -> Enter Enliven mail id -> Add
  • Postini: My settings -> Approved senders -> Approved domains -> Enter Enliven mail id -> Update approved domains
10) Is permission required to reuse the materials published from Enliven?

As Enliven is an Open access model, materials published with us can be reused where authors those who made use the content need to cite the article from where the materials are reused.