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Paul Eduard Sijens, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Paul E. Sijens obtained his chemistry PhD in 1988: "31P NMR spectroscopy of tumors in the evalu-ation of responĀ¬se to therapy" (Universiteit Utrecht). After doing a postdoc at Cleveland Clinic (1989-1991) and being in charge of clinical MR spectroscopy at Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center (1991-2000), he has been head of MRI research at Radiology UMCG and, since 2002, associate professor (RUG). Current functions include faculty membership of the European School of Radiology (ESOR), board membership of Research Foundation Flanders and 16 editorial boards of scientific journals. He is author of 110 A1 papers cited 1757 times (mean IF 3.728; H-index 24).