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Mei Xu, PhD, BS

Editorial Board Member

"Dr. Mei Xu’s research interests have three directions: Investigating the mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the US, the potential prevention approaches are based on understanding the mechanisms. In this direction, I have two projects on going currently. One is to investigate the effects of chronic drinking (long term exposure with alcohol) on breast cancer malignancy. Since drinking is an abroad issue in USA. Another project is related with breast cancer stem cells. Recently, there are raised concerns about cancer stem cells, because it has been demonstrated that cancer stem cells directly contribute to cancer metastasis. So Understanding the regulatory mechanisms of cancer stem cells will improve cancer treatments and benefits cancer patients. Currently, we found a special protein which plays some roles in regulating cancer stem cell activities. We are going to investigate it deeply. Effects of alcohol consumption on colorectal cancer. Because epidemiological data revealed that alcohol consumption increases the risk of colorectal cancer, another area of my study is the relationship of alcohol consumption and colon cancer. The interdisciplinary study of cancer metastasis. Cancer metastasis consists of multiply processes in which cancer cells intravasate into blood and/or lymphatic systems, travel along the vascular system, extravasate from the vasculature and subsequently settle and colonize at the target organs. The integrity of vascular wall plays an important role during cancer cell intra/extravasation. Since my field of doctoral research was the cardiovascular system, more specifically on the mechanisms of the vascular endothelial barrier which regulates many biological processes including cancer cell emigration. The interdisciplinary investigations of cancer metastasis and the vascular system is one of my research interests. "