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Jianhua Luo, MD, PhD

Editorial Board Member

"Dr. Luo is a member of the Divisions of Experimental Pathology, Molecular and Cellular Pathology and Anatomic Molecular Pathology. He is the Director of the High Throughput Genome Center at the Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh, involving collaboration of faculties from multiple departments. Dr. Luo's research is in the area of genome and gene expression study of maligancies, especially in understanding how prostate cancers obtain invasive and metastatic capability. Dr. Luo's laboratoy in the past has primarily focused on the isolation and characterization of genes whose expressions have been inactivated in prostate cancers. His laboratory has isolated and characterized several candidate genes that might be important for tumor invasion. Ongoing studies in his laboratory focus on defining the roles of these genes in regulating the signaling pathways in normal and cancerous cells. In addition, his laboratory is actively searching new candidate genes that are overexpressed, down-regulated, deleted, amplified, methylated, translocated or mutated in tumors, using Affymetrix Array and whole genome and RNA sequencing technologies. His group is exploring the possibility of using these genes as diagnostic or prognostic markers for prostate cancers."