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Advanced Chemistry
Advanced research and innovations in chemistry.
Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Advanced research and innovations in pharmaceutical chemistry.
Advanced Pharmaceutics
Advanced research and innovations in pharmaceutics.
Analytical Techniques
Methods that are used to determine the concentration of a chemical compound or chemical element.
Bio Analytical Techniques
Methods used for quantitative determination of drugs and/or metabolites in biological matrices.
Advanced Pharmacology
Advanced research and innovations in pharmacology.
Science branch dealing medicinal drugs obtained from plants or other natural sources.
Advanced Spectral Techniques
Advanced research and innovations in spectral techniques.
Drug Research Methodology
Methods for drug research.
Drug Regulatory Affairs
Governments' act to protect public health by controlling the safety of pharmaceutical drugs.
Regulatory Ethics
Law and practical political philosophy to govern civil servants and the regulatory agencies? members.
Spectroscopic Techniques
Techniques of Spectroscopy.
Microscopic and Electrophoretic Studies
Study of microscopy and electrophoresis.
Chromatographic Studies
Study of chromatographic techniques.
Studies of spectrofluorimeter.
Fluorescence Immunoassays
Sensitive technique used in the quantification of antigens.
Analytical and Bio Analytical Chemistry
Wide field of science to deal with all chemical analysis.
Analytical Science and Technology
Study to make use of modern instrumental techniques.
Analysis with electro analytical methods.
Analytical Biochemistry
Study of biochemical components found in a cell or other biological sample.
Sub-discipline of analytical chemistry covering the quantitative measurement of xenobiotics and biotics in biological systems.
Bioanalytical Reviews
Review of Bioanalytical Science.
Bioanalytical Methodologies
Ways and methods of Bioanalysis.
Spectroscopies and its Applications
Uses and enhancements in spectroscopy studies.
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Enliven: Bio analytical Techniques

Enliven: Bio analytical Techniques is an Open access, peer reviewed international journal and it aims to publish different types of articles on emerging developments and supports current and upcoming research in the field of analytical techniques. This journal also allows articles on bio analysis and modern chemistry.

This journal will support the budding scientists, scholars, academicians, researchers, and students by providing Open access platform for publishing their work.

This journal will follow the peer review policies and will bode Open access in having quality research output.

This journal combines the innovative scientific ideas and ways in bio analysis, analytical studies, modern chemistry and all other related disciplines to have an innovative output.

Enliven: Bio analytical Techniques invites articles from authors and we assure authors that articles received will be processed with the best policies and will disseminate the articles to the right field.

Enliven: Bio analytical Techniques aims to publish recent studies, innovations, discoveries, and developments in analytical chemistry, analytical science, electroanalysis, analytical methods, analytical methods in chemistry, pharmaceutical analytical techniques, bioanalytical methods, and all other related areas.

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