About Enliven Archive
Enliven Archive is an upcoming international publisher for Open access and peer reviewed journals with a wide range of journals in multi disciplines of research which provides broad scope.

As Enliven aims to be the world’s leading provider of Open access, we will serve free access journals to all scientists, researchers, scholars, students and academicians.

Enliven is an exclusively Open access model which supports all Open access statements without any controversies and will maintain all the required standards to support Open access with complete dedication.

Enliven always encourages any innovative idea in Open access and is about to start a new era in Open access with one of its innovative thought by inculcating the wide dissemination in a new manner
Enliven supports Open Access.

Enliven’s main motto is to promote Open access and sustain in the Open access field with new approaches and to widen the chances in Open access which will create a new turn in current era

As Enliven is a newly started Open access non-profit model, we seek support from scientific community, industries, funding agencies, universities, institutes, and any others interested in publications

We believe that scientific information must be accessible for everyone worldwide.

Enliven will be charging authors very minimal publication charges and depends on our user those who support global commons, we thank all the support from users and we wish to spread the word “Enliven Archive – Intensifying thoughts” to all your colleagues and people in your track
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